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What will change in 2012
Data 08/05/2011 10:40  Autor Struski Andrzej  Klikniêæ 2963  Jêzyk Global



What will change in 2012?


“The world will change in 2012”



The world is a general term, for one person it will be “the world of his thoughts”, for the other it will be “the world in which he is living”. In order to describe the term “the world” one ought to define  precisely one's point of view.


The change that will take place in 2012 will also refer to a man, but not only. This event has the astronomical character and it arises from the nature of the magnetism and the gravitation of  the universe. Within the sphere of this nature there is also the mechanism of self-regulation of  the astronomical clock. The solar planetary system is one of the elements of  the astronomical clock.  The precision of the indications of the whole clock depends on the stability of the behaviour of all the solar systems of the universe. This aspect of the astronomical clock cannot be changed. It is the world of the astronomical clock.


What are the processes that take place in the solar systems, maybe the changes, in order to maintain the stability of the clock ?


In order to maintain stable and precise indications it is necessary to keep stable mass of the whole solar system in relation to the gravitational force of the galaxy. The Sun by means of its gravitational force attracts a lot of matter from the space of its planetary system but it also attracts such matter that comes from the space of the galaxy. Each moment it increases its weight. While emitting  material mass in the form of light it gets rid of some of the excess weight, however it does not get rid of the whole of it. The matter that is intercepted by the Sun consists of different forms, in this mass  there are also heavy elements. Not all elements of this kind will be emitted into the space and most of all beyond the solar system. The nature of the astronomical clock is the weight of  the solar system and not the weight of the central star itself. It is necessary for the Sun (as the planets can't do it) to eliminate the excess material mass. The Sun has to emit it beyond the space of the solar system. The natural emission in the form of the light radiation will not throw out heavy elements. They lie under the surface of this gas giant and they can disturb its natural life processes. Therefore, in the process of the evolution of the matter of the universe there came into being the mechanisms which activate such self-regulation.


In a proper galactic location of the planetary system each central star under the influence of  the gravitational forces of the galaxy activates its own eruption. It is a cyclic eruption connected with the other ones which take place on the Sun. The sunspots are a harmonic cycle of micro-eruptions which ends in this one big eruption and the whole process of the maintenance of the weight of the solar system starts anew. In 2012 on the 21st of December we will have  the pleasure to watch such a big eruption personally.


In such a way the changes in the world of the astronomical clock will take place.


The experiences that will directly refer to a man on earth will be the changes in the world of  a man,  the changes in the world of the civilisation, the changes in the world of the biology, climate, geology and the changes in many other “worlds”.


The most important change for a  man from the point of view of the main cause of the changes on earth will be the change in the world of the magnetism of the earth.


The fact that the magnetic protective field of the planet will be disturbed  is only a matter of time in the process of the work of the radiation which will be the effect of the eruption. The essence of   the problem and the main cause of the changes on earth lies in the possibility of the change of  the pole characteristics of the core of the planet. The iron, liquid core is the generator of   the gravitational force of the earth, the force which  characterises the dependence and stability of the position of  the planet towards the Sun. The position of the earth poles is not maintained by the gravitational power of the planet , this position is established by the gravitational power of the Sun. In the case of the change of the polarity of the core of the planet the gravitational force of the Sun will turn over the  core in the course of a very short time. The gravitational power of   the core will pull in the direction of its turn all the continents.


Such a scenario is possible and will be realised when the eruption on the Sun will reach a degree comparable to the ones which have been the biggest in its history. They caused the changes of  the position of the poles of the earth. It will take place in the following way.


The eruption of the Sun will throw out huge amounts of heavily magnetised particles of matter. They after the destruction of the magnetic protective coat of the earth will not have any other so effective barrier on the way to the core of the earth. The iron, liquid core which from  the point of view of the needs of the existence of the biology on the planet is necessary in this cyclical  event which takes place some every 12 thousand years may harm a part of the biology.   The water that will overflow from the oceans as if from a bowl set in motion will destroy the biological life in the area in which it will overflow.


The changes that may take place in the world of a man will embrace not only the water damages, these will be also the changes of the position of the continents and oceans which can change the geography of the planet.


There is a probability that one more change will take place. This change as it follows from the history of the civilisations on  earth may be the most severe in relation to a man from the point of view of his development in the aspect of the civilisation.


The results of the archaeological research which speak of the time of  the development of a man are well-known. The era of the civilisation embraces the time from six to seven thousand years. The five thousand years that are missing can be the time of  the regeneration of a man in the field of building of the collective consciousness, in other words the social and civilizational knowledge. From this information it follows that a man after the cataclysm which changes the magnetism of  the planet is also subject to some magnetic changes.



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