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Did God choose the year 2012?
Data 17/05/2011 08:18  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 3635  Jêzyk Global

The final time in the form foretold by the prophecies has many features that everybody can today see around oneself.


Did God choose the year 2012?



Did God choose the year 2012 for the time of the realisation of his own plans connected with        the final time?



            The final time in the form foretold by the prophecies has many features that everybody can today see around oneself. The transfers  describe a specific course of events in reality there are such events that in the significant part agree with these prophetic indications. The time of the foretold and anticipated changes in the behaviour of the sun on the turn of 2012 and 2013 may lead to the occurrence of different catastrophic events or simply cataclysms on earth. The physical factor that may directly touch the planet and the biology in particular will be heavily magnetised particles of matter thrown out from the sun. The sun at this time according to the scientific calculations is to increase to a great degree the natural amount of the hot matter in the form of an eruption that is being thrown out.


            In the present time when the climate of the planet itself already signalises the approaching changes  a vast majority of the people do not understand the seriousness of the situation. This lack of understanding arises from a specific feature of a man based on hope. A man even in the most difficult situation when he does not yet see the fact of the occurrence of mortal danger hopes that this danger will somehow spare him.

When the danger is concerned with insignificant matters the effect, no matter what it is, as they say “blows over”. However when the danger is concerned with life the effect has nowhere to blow over . The victim of this experience will not remember it any more and the witnesses of the event in spite of logic will not change their way of acting and will still cultivate the features of life in hope. On this level of personality we cannot be reformed.


            The information that refers to the year 2012 is also understood  in a way that  applies to this particular feature of a man. Maybe, it is better that it is so. However, it does not change the situation for those who treat this matter seriously. In this group of people there are also those for whom the issue presented in the title of the article can be extremely important.

Whether God chose this time in order to fulfil his aims or whether He simply contributed to the fact that this time came into being is a matter that is incomprehensible for many. The lack of understanding itself results from the development of our personality in the climate of the dominant influence of all kinds of cults. There are huge groups of people who are so much  enslaved by the influence of the cult that changes a man on the level of consciousness that they treat God as the being that has  unlimited  possibilities (all-powerful and omnipotent). The signs of the inefficacy of these cherished characteristics of God in the form of the occurrence of different events that torment a man are in blindness explained as the visitation and not as the lack of the possibility of God's action on this specific field.


            It is a heresy to suspect God of the lack of the possibility of the effective action, it's better to explain oneself such a problem as the visitation. In reference to the coming events connected with the anticipated increased activity of the sun and the prophesied events of the final times the coming of which, in turn, is being foretold by the cultic information the faithful assume an attitude towards them and see them as the action of God in all the aspects of the subject. This action according to their conviction should embrace the whole of the events which are to take place in this time. In the last day the divine power according to the cultic predictions , will create the cataclysm as the punishment and God will save the good participants of the cult.


            Such attitudes cannot create (because of the lack of reason and logical thinking of a man blinded by a cultic constraint) the real understanding of the actual state of the events foretold in  the prophecies.

Such a nature which a man has in his depth, the nature which was deliberately closed by the iron seal of the cultic illusion, the seal the power of which is the altar God  presented as all-powerful and omniscient, and what is more infinitely good and just no logic will break. The blinded faithful will not listen to the logic of the neighbour, he will rather enforce upon him his own and the cultic right.


            In the face of such an attitude of the people to the final times there is no real plane  of reference of the society in relation to the consistent view of the foretold events betokened by the reality . This notwithstanding , the time is passing, the foretold symptoms appear more and more often and everything is happening on the plan of the real theatre of events. The final times is the time secured in a man's consciousness by concrete features ascribed to the events and figures that are recorded in the prophecies.


            The process in the result of which the occurrence of the cataclysms on the planet may take place has its source in the natural cyclically repeated situation in the evolution of the stars. The action of God has nothing to do with it, He cannot change this physical state of the evolution of the universe. However, we can define as the intentional action of God the fact that He chose such a time for the fulfillment of his intentions.  In this context we can safely say, God chose the year 2012 as  the best time and He announced its coming in the prophecies.


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